New Images from the Set of ‘Fido’

Lions Gate Films is now shooting their newest zombie flick Fido out in Vancouver, and it’s sounding like it could end up being one hell of a movie. Inside you’ll find new images from the film and a link to a set report. Andrew Currie’s flick, which stars Billy Connolly, Henry Czerny, Carrie-Anne Moss, Peter Stormare and Tim Blake Nelson, is set in a small 1950s town where rotting zombies deliver the mail.

Fangoria writes:

“Best described as the bastard child of LASSIE COME HOME and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, FIDO takes the familiar conventions of zombie horror movies and the idyllic life of 1950s America and mixes them with a dash of social commentary and black comedy to create a truly unique film. And yes, for the gorehounds, the film will have the requisite blowing-away of zombies.

The film is a big departure for not only the director, but also the undead genre itself. “I was really influenced from old films from the ’50s, like big widescreen Technicolor movies by Douglas Sirk,” Currie notes. “I wanted to do a wide, colorful film with a lot of crane shots and dollies—a really smooth, beautiful-looking movie, which goes against the zombie-movie formula. But it is about a kind of ’50s world where everything seems perfect—the only thing is, the Earth has passed through a cloud of irradiated space dust and the dead have come back to life.”

Click the link above for the full set report and another new pic.

Source: Fangoria