Sean Hood heads to 19th Century New York

Sean Hood, one of two talented brothers waiting for their big break, has just signed onto develope a psychological thriller entitled Nellie Bly for Sobini Films. Sean’s latest contributions to the genre include Crow: Wicked Prayer, Cube 2: Hypercube and Halloween: Resurrection. Read on for more details on his next project and his Masters of Horror story…
Variety reports:

Sean Hood is developing psychological thriller “Nellie Bly” for Sobini Films.

Pic is partly based on an article by Bly — one of the first female investigative journalists, who worked in New York in the 1880s — called “10 Days in a Mad House.” The article chronicles how she faked insanity in order to go undercover as an inmate at Blackwell’s Island, an impenetrable women’s asylum.

Mark Amin will produce.

Sobini production prexy Robin Schorr and prexy Cami Winikoff will exec produce with independent producer Jacky Morgan.

Schorr will supervise the project for the company.

“I’m in love with Nellie Bly, her reckless spirit and indomitable charisma,” Hood said. “The stunt she pulled off and the horrors she uncovered are so unimaginable that we’d never get away with telling the story if it weren’t completely true.

Hood adapted Alice Blanchard novel “The Breathtaker” for John Wells Prods. at Warner Bros. His TV credits include Showtime and Industry Entertainment’s “Masters of Horror: Sick Girl,” to be directed by Lucky McKee and begin shooting in September.

Sobini is in post-production on “Peaceful Warrior,” directed by Victor Salva and starring Nick Nolte, and recently completed “Streets of Legend,” Joey Curtis’ street-racing drama.

The company’s first studio feature, “The Prince and Me,” a co-production between Paramount and Lions Gate, was released last year. Pic was helmed by Martha Coolidge and starred Julia Stiles.

Source: Variety