NECA Gets Even More ‘Evil’

I’ve only played the game once, but from what I’m hearing Resident Evil 4 is the game of all games, which is why NECA has an entire line of figures coming out based on it. Today NECA released a teaser image of Verdugo, who will be a whopping 9 inches high! In addition, he comes with: Bendable Tail over 10″ long, Ball Jointed Shoulders, Torso, Thumbs and Knees, Swivel Biceps, Wrists, Ankles Bendable Elbows and V-Crotch (sounds dangerous). For more details and to see what else they have in store for us, read on….

Head on over to NECA for more images:

NECA writes:

These awesome figures will be released in clamshell packaging and will become available in October. Just in case you are wondering when you’ll get to see your other favorite characters in action figure form, we are already hard at work on a second series for early 2006. Here are the full details of each figure that is part of Series 1:

Leon S. Kennedy in 2 versions: with and without coat (Images coming soon!)
Ball-Jointed Neck and Shoulders
Swivel Biceps, Wrists, Waist, and Ankles
Each comes with an arsenal of accessories

Ada Wong
Ball-Jointed Neck and Right Thigh
Swivel Biceps and Wrists
Comes w/ Pistol and Tommy Gun

Chainsaw Ganado
Ball-Jointed Neck and Torso
Cut Shoulders, Forearms, and Ankles
Comes with Chainsaw

Over 9″ Tall!
Bendable Tail over 10″ long
Ball Jointed Shoulders, Torso, Thumbs and Knees
Swivel Biceps, Wrists, Ankles
Bendable Elbows

Source: NECA