The ‘Masters of Horror’ Trailer is Online!!!

I’ve been doggin’ this project for quite sometime now thinking it wasn’t going to be all it was cracked up to be, but the Showtime trailer that was just released looks phenomenal!! If you head on over to the official website and click “trailers” you can enjoy a long look at Showtime’s Masters of Horror Anthology, which features 13 one-hour horror films by the biggest writers and directors in horror. Check it out: ‘Jenifer,’ dir. Dario Argento, Screenplay by Steven Weber; ‘Cigarette Burns,’ dir. John Carpenter, Screenplay by Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan; ‘Pick Me Up,’ dir. Larry Cohen, Screenplay by David J. Schow; ‘Incident On And Off A Mountain Road,’ dir. Don Coscarelli, Screenplay by Don Coscarelli & Stephen Romano; ‘Haeckel’s Tale,’ dir. Roger Corman, Screenplay by Mick Garris; ‘Homecoming,’ dir. Joe Dante, Screenplay by Sam Hamm; ‘Chocolate,’ dir/scr. Mick Garris; ‘Dreams In The Witch-House,’ dir. Stuart Gordon, Screenplay by Stuart Gordon & Dennis Paoli; ‘Dance Of The Dead,’ dir. Tobe Hooper, Screenplay by Richard Christian Matheson; ‘Deer Woman,’ dir. John Landis, Screenplay by Max Landis & John Landis; ‘Fair Haired Child,’ dir. William Malone, Screenplay by Matt Greenburg.

Source: Official Website