The Pang Brothers Unload Details on Untitled Project

Sony Screen Gems and Ghost House Pictures have kept a tight lid on their untitled Pang Brothers Project, which was originally entitled ‘Scarecrow’. The film has been shooting for quite sometime now in Canada and no one has been able to bring us much detail (minus our scooper here). Finally some goodies have hit the web, and it sounds quite interesting. Read on for the story…
Here are some goodies hiding in KFC Cinema’s exclusive report:

Can you say flesh eating birds?!

“It isn’t a sequel, it isn’t a remake, there are no A-list stars and it doesn’t even have a title. Deep in the isolated mountains of Saskatchewan, Canada, however, the infamous Pang Brothers are making plans to scare the life out of you. And if 72,000 sunflowers and more than a dozen flesh-eating, shiny black ravens are any indication, they’re going to make it happen”

What the set looks like?

“Such excitement has manifested itself in a stunning set, built on a farm situated in the true, genuine Middle of Nowhere. A blazing sun beats down daily on the dilapidated brown farmhouse, while a creaky steel windmill indicates brief moments of windy relief. In the backyard, an open tool shed contains the kind of rusted arsenal that serial killers dream about: hacksaws, a scythe, axes and branding irons, all clanging against each other like the devil’s wind chimes. A three-story barn (delivered from a neighboring town) appears on the verge of collapsing, the type of structure you wouldn’t want to enter for any number of reasons.

And it’s all surrounded by endless fields of sunflowers, their cheerful blooms lending the whole scene an audacious, incongruously chirpy air. [My character] Roy is the guy who just wants to go back to his roots, reflected Dylan McDermott, looking further away from The Practice than ever in a farmer’s jeans and crumpled shirt. He did this as a kid … so he tries to hold onto that as much as he can. He comes back here to plant sunflowers, and hopefully he’ll get a little piece of that happiness again.”

The yummy plot?

“When McDermott’s Roy finds himself out of work for two years, he decides to move his wife Denise (Penelope Ann Miller) and their angst-ridden teenage daughter Jess (Stewart) from their chaotic Chicago lives to Belton, North Dakota. Realizing it may be the last chance to salvage his family, Roy purchases a sunflower farm in hopes that tilling the land will help keep them afloat. As a mysterious stranger named Johnny Burwell (John Corbett) informs them, however, the locals are all too well aware of the haunting circumstances that enabled Roy to nab such a good deal on the property.

I’m just sort of a drifter who helps this family out, Corbett said of his character. I haven’t seen any ghosts, but I’m aware that there are some goings-on in the house and I’m a little scared, so I sleep out in the barn with my shotgun.”

The Pang Brothers bring what they’re known for:

“The Pangs have an unusual visual sensibility, as evidenced not only by the enormous number of angles they come up with for each take, but also by choices such as employing different colors (including bright red and, reportedly, yellow) to represent the flesh of various ghosts. They have an equally distinctive working relationship, rarely collaborating on-set in the manner of such other famous cinematic teams as the brothers Wachowski, Hughes or Coen. Each day of filming finds the brothers alternately performing their dual roles: one directs while the other edits in a neighboring bunker. The next day, they swap hats”

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Source: KFC Cinema