Angela Bettis Re-teams with Lucky McKee Once Again

What’s the saying? If it’s not broken- don’t fix it? I believe it, and couldn’t agree more, which is why I think it’s fantastic that Director Lucky McKee is once again re-teaming with actress Angela Bettis for his one-hour Masters of Horror piece entitled Sick Girl. You can read all about that and much, much more inside…
Fangoria writes:

While director Lucky McKee’s THE WOODS is (presumably) readied for its September 16 release from Screen Gems, the creator of MAY gave FANGORIA the scoop on his MASTERS OF HORROR entry, SICK GIRL. Scripted by Sean (HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION) Hood, SICK GIRL will star TOOLBOX MURDERS’ Angela Bettis and SHADOW: DEAD RIOT’s Erin Brown. Fans may recognize Brown from her other professional persona, Misty Mundae, the tireless actress from a string of naughty E.I. Cinema flicks and who also appears in the McKee production THE LOST. Shooting on SICK GIRL will take place in Vancouver September 14-27.

“It’s gonna be awesome,” McKee says of SICK GIRL, episode 10 of MASTERS OF HORROR. “The script is getting better than ever as we sit here working on it. The producers sent me three scripts, and I liked this one the best. Though the Clive Barker one [HAECKEL’S TALE, once slated for Roger Corman] was pretty cool too.”

The plot of SICK GIRL? It’s a doozy. “It’s a romantic-comedy version of THE FLY,” McKee says. “It’s a lesbian love story about two girls [Bettis and Brown] and the bug that gets between them. KNB showed me their creature designs, and they look great. People are going to be surprised by SICK GIRL.”

Source: Fangoria