UPDATED: Sony’s ‘Hostel’ Poster IS A FAKE

Today Fangoria posted what appeared to be the a teaser poster for Eli Roth’s second feature film Hostel. But I was informed that this poster IS just fan art. When I first saw the poster I did find it quite unimpressive, basically a quick Photoshop job done by a fan- so this comes as no surprise (and might I say thank god). I would love to see just that bloody chair without the title teasing the films release because it is such a strong image. Sony Screen Gems will be releasing Hostel sometime in the near future. The film is extremely violent and quite a delicious treat, hopefully it’ll hit theaters in 2005, but I highly doubt that. Roth’s second feature film stars Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson, Takashi Miike and Jan Vlasak. Read on for a look at the poster so you don’t email me it in the future…

Poster courtesy of Fangoria. Remember, this is fan art. Click the poster for our image gallery:

Source: Fangoria