Tons of Fun Next Weekend in California/Toronto!!

If you live in or near Orange County, CA or Toronto, Canada then next weekend there are tons of great activities for you to indulge in. In Toronto Rue Morgue Magazine is holding their second annual Festival of Fear, while in Orange County you can check out the seventh annual Batsday Convention, which partially takes place at Disneyland! Read on for details…

Rue Morgue’s second annual ‘Festival of Fear’ features Clive Barker, Elvira, Tony Todd, Gunnar Hansen, Ken Foree, Crispin Glover (!) and more! They will also be holding a premier of Tim Sullivan’s 2001 Maniacs and much more fun stuff.

A full schedule can be found here
Yeah I know, the official website for Batsday sucks major ass, but last year over 1500 people dressed in Goth took over Disneyland, this year there’s supposed to be even more!

Batsday takes place Saturday August 27th – Sunday August 28th, 2005 where there’s a convention, concert and then more fun to follow. All the details can be found here.

Source: Official Websites