Buzz Calls ‘Eternal’ a Bad Case of “Cinematic Blueballs”

Our star reviewer, Brian “Buzz” Juergens, hit up a screening of Regent Releasing’s upcoming Eternal in NY last week and came out blue. Highly received at the FanTasia Festival last year, reviews don’t seem to be going as well here in the States for the movie, which is based on Erszebet Bathory, the Transylvanian countess who murdered 650 women in order to bathe in their blood. Buzz exclaims, “Wait – this is a sexy vampire movie without sex or blood? In terms of turn-ons, gore, or thrills, “Eternal” is basically cinematic blueballs in expensive silk boxers.” Read his whole review here and also check out the trailer and tons of stills. Eternal begin its limited theatrical run in NY/LA this Friday.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting