The Cave: Uwe Boll Would Be Proud!

Today we added our review for Sony Screen Gems’ The Cave, which hits theaters everywhere tomorrow. Director Uwe Boll would be proud of Bruce Hunt’s work, because in The Cave big monsters and lots of explosions equal a horror movie- I guess that what happens after you come off three Matrix movies. The film stars Cole Hauser, Morris Chestnut, Eddie Cibrian, Daniel Dae Kim, Rick Ravanello and Piper Perabo. The Cave follows a pack of divers, led by Jack (Cole Hauser) and his brother Tyler (Eddie Cibrian), who find an underwater cave one mile under water. They go with a team to check out this 12 mile long cave and get trapped after one of their members’ oxygen tank explodes. Watch for interviews in the coming week.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting