Bio Shock 2 Confirmed!

Take-Two Games just announced that they’re looking to release Bio Shock 2 in fall of 2009. Would you kindly go here to to read they’re full story on it. It is said they want to release a new Bio Shock game around the same time every 2 years.

If you haven’t played the 1st Bio Shock game, it is definitely a must. The game is gorgeous, and the game play is great. Bio Shock is about an underwater city known as Rapture, almost like an Atlantis, secretly built in the 1946, by Andrew Ryan, business mogul. He built it because he believed that oppressive political and religious authority was increasing, and he wanted none of it. He filled the city with people he believed “exemplified the best in humanity”.

You start the game out as Jack, your playable character whom is flying over the Atlantic Ocean in 1960. Well your plane crashes, and you swim from the wreckage to a nearby lighthouse. You find an elevator and you descend into the failed, keyword, “failed”, underwater dystopian city. You search the creepy, underwater city of Rapture, and slowly discover what happened to it. Creepy little girls, and weird underwater monsters, and a crazy Mayor Ryan, are just a few of the things you run into along the way.

Kindly download the demo of Bio Shock, or just go out and buy the game, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Source: 1up