Stop-Motion-Animated Manson Family Hits Theaters

A stop-motion-animated musical inspired by the Manson family crimes is about to hit the midnight-movie circuit, according to the Hollywood Reporter. John Roecker’s Live Freaky! Die Freaky!, which features the voices of Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Asia Argento and Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Operation Ivy, is set to hit limited theaters next year. Read on for details…
The Hollywood Reporter continues:

Wellspring said Thursday that it has acquired all North American rights to director John Roecker’s “Live Freaky! Die Freaky!” which boasts a voice cast headed by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Operation Ivy. Tim Armstrong’s Hellcat Pictures produced the movie, its first project.

“Freaky” tells the tale of a young man (voiced by Billie Joe Armstrong) in the year 3069 who discovers a copy of Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry’s “Helter Skelter,” which described the murders committed in the ’60s by Charles Manson and his followers. Treating the book as a biblical text and adopting Manson as a messiah, the young man preaches a better world through “music, murder and mayhem.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter