Hellraiser Writer Knows Much About ‘Suffering’

It was announced (here) yesterday that Gold Circle Films and MTV Films would be partnering up to bring us The Suffering, an adaptation of the popular video game created by FX guru Stan Winston. Nothing more was revealed. Today I received an email from a scooper who calls himself Squee, who informed us of the following, “I spoke with scriptwriter Tim Day (Hellraiser 6-7)online, and he informed me that he might be writing the script for ‘The Suffering’ movie. They approached him about it, but he will soon find out whether or not he will write it.” Obviously we can’t confirm this as a fact right now, so take it strictly as rumor until confirmed. Jailed for a murder he may or may not have committed, Torque is next in line for execution when apparitions besiege the prison and inadvertently free him. Utilizing more than ten deadly weapons, Torque sets out to uncover his past and unlock the deadly secrets of The Suffering.