Shoot Me Now: ‘Scream 4’ Rumors True

I’m sorry, but it’s hard to keep from being opinionated sometimes, especially when you read news that just makes you sick to your stomach. Sure Wes Craven’s Scream franchise made money back in the ’90s, and sure the first one was a breakthrough- but the thought of what might happen if Scream 4 is a success is petrifying. It doesn’t matter what I think anyways, because the fact of the mater is that it is happening. Read on for the news… breaks the story:

“Remember those rumours a couple of weeks back about Neve Campbell doing “Scream 4”?

Apparently the one-time rising queen of scream was in talks with the Weinstein co. to give her lungs another work-out for a third sequel? She may have had the talks, but she won’t be returning, we can confirm today. Nope, Sidney’s done with masked men.

Don’t despair though. Just because Campbell won’t be back doesn’t doesn’t mean that two of her hot-water bottle sharing co-stars won’t be back, namely, the Arquettes. Gail and Dewey vs Ghostface……Let’s get ready to rumble?”

The good news is that Wes Craven will NOT be involved. Maybe direct-to-video?