First Stills From ‘The Men Who Fell’

When we first reported on Will Stewart’s sci-fi/horror film The Men Who Fell (here), we knew we were in for something special- so we worked on getting in contact with the team behind the film to get some more insight. What did we get? How about your first look at stills from the film! Read on for the goodies. Written by Ignatius Fischer, the film stars Brendan Murphy, Aaron Stielstra and Kim Parmon…
“Two convicts, held in an orbiting detention facility above a post-apocalyptic earth, are hired by a mega corporation – Hunsinger – to perform risky salvage missions down on the planet,” Harvey explains. “They land and work their way into the gigantic underground industrial complex, following a map to their ultimate destination, to retrieve and salvage…the item. Being prisoners, they are given little info, and are given credit toward early release as a payment. As you can probably tell, they get more than they expected and things go from bad to evil.”

Click any pic below for the full gallery of 10 images and please check out the official website, it’s truly awesome:

Source: B-D, Check out the website