UPDATED: ‘Gravedancers’ Rumor Cleared Up

Ok, so we’ve finally got the answers to the question we all had- was Mike Mendez’s The Gravedancers reshot with a new cast? The answer straight from Mike is “no”, what happened was that that this trailer was made two years before the movie was ever shot. That trailer is only that, a trailer. It is a thing that mike made to raise financing to make the actual movie. Which worked successfully (thank god). Mike also explains that “none of that is real footage from the movie, it’s just something we did over a weekend in 2003. No one was really supposed to see that until it was a cool extra on the DVD of the finished movie.” In addition one of the actors who volunteered her time to be in the trailer, went ahead and put it up on her website. So mystery solved! Click the link to enjoy the pitch trailer! The Gravedancers is about three friends who desecrate the graves of three very unforgiving ghosts.

Source: Anonymous