New ‘Masters of Horror’ Entry and Premiere Episode

Actor Michael Moriarty will reteam with director Larry Cohen on the latter’s Masters of Horror entry Pick Me Up, according to Fangoria. Scripted by David Schow, the segment casts Moriarty as a character described as a “Jack the Ripper of Jack the Rippers,” a truck driver devoted to hunting down evil. In addition, Fangoria reports that Don Coscarelli’s Incident On and Off a Mountain Road will be the debut episode on Showtime October 28th. The premiere installment, based on the short story by Joe Lansdale and adapted by Coscarelli and Stephen Romano, is a white-knuckle serial-killer thriller starring Bree Turner and Ethan Embry, with Angus Scrimm (pictured) featured as the unsavory roommate of the maniacal Moonface. You can also check out some stills from John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns here.

Source: Fangoria