‘Invasion’ Loses Title Again and Becomes ‘The Visiting’

Originally a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and then retitled as Invasion, Warner Bros. has once again renamed the movie to The Visiting. It’s funny that this just happened because this morning I was driving down Sunset and noticed a bus stop advertising the TV show ‘Invasion’ and thought to myself “I wonder if WB will retitle their movie because of this?” In addition, Jeremy Northam has joined the cast. Oliver Hirschbiegel’s film, which began shooting next this weel, begins after a mysterious epidemic alters the behavior of human beings, a Washington psychiatrist (Nicole Kidman) discovers that its origins are extraterrestrial. She must fight to protect her son, who might hold the key to stopping the invasion. Craig plays Kidman’s colleague and love interest who teams up with her to fight the invasion.