‘Evil Dead’ Remake on Hold or Even Cancelled?!

If there’s one movie I was allowed to protest, bitch about and throw dirt all over, my first choice would be Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead remake. Sure some remakes have been good, but I want my f-cking Evil Dead 4, which we’ll never see (I don’t care if he promises it). Anyways, according to one of the Raimi’s, we might not see the remake for a bit or maybe even ever (thank god)! Read on for the story…
Mars Dust reports some interesting news via their interview with Ted Raimi:

When asked ‘Anything about the remake? Evil Dead 4?’ Raimi responded, “Yes, I have this to say about it: there won’t be one as far as I know. That’s all I know. I mean there might be, there might be one but as far as I can tell there isn’t. Nothing’s going on with it at the moment”.

Man I love this pic

Source: Mars Dust