‘Trapped Ashes’ Anthology Already Takes Makor Blow

Wehn we first reported on Trapped Ashes Anthology here, we were a little skeptical, considering the Masters of Horror already has all the best in the bus attached to direct and write. Originally Monte Hellman, Tobe Hooper and Sean Cunningham were attached to the project, now Fango is reporting that Tobe Hooper has dropped out- read on for more details…
Fangoria reports:

“Dennis Bartok informs us that Tobe Hooper, who was previously attached to direct one of four segments in the upcoming horror anthology, will no longer be involved: “Sadly, Tobe Hooper is no longer on board with us—he was very supportive during the months of development, but in the end we couldn’t work things out and we parted ways amicably.” However, Bartok, who scripted and will produce TRAPPED ASHES with the Japanese husband-and-wife team of Yuko Yoshikawa and Yoshifumi Hosoya, reveals that a pair of genre faves have signed onto the project.

“I want to give you the very good news,” Bartok says, “that Joe Dante [pictured right] will be directing the wraparound story segments on the ‘Movie Studio Tour’ and inside the ‘Horror House,’ and Ken Russell will be directing the first episode, ‘The Girl With Golden Breasts.’ ”

Dante and Russell join already attached directors Sean S. Cunningham, who will helm the second episode, “Jibaku”; veteran Monte Hellman, who will helm segment number three (“Kubrick’s Girlfriend”); and FX wizard-turned-first-time-director John Gaeta, who takes on the fourth story, “My Twin The Worm.” Visual FX will be supplied by two-time Academy Award winner (for TERMINATOR 2 and ALIENS) Robert Skotak.

”It’s an amazing lineup of talent; we’re incredibly lucky to be working with everyone!” Bartok says. “Shooting is scheduled to begin in mid-November in Los Angeles, and the ‘Jibaku’ episode will be shot in mid-December in Japan.”

Source: Fangoria