The Weekend Freeze: Flip a Coin and Pick

It’s the last of September releases (thank god)!! September has been known to be one of the months studio’s unload crappy films just to get them off their release schedule- and it holds pretty true every year. In our final week of September you can check out Sony’s Into the Blue, which opens in 2,789 theaters; Universal’s ‘Firefly’ movie Serenity (review), which opens in 2,188 theaters; or Buena Vista’s The Greatest Game Ever Played, which opens in only 1,000 theaters. Also, if you’re in NY or LA make sure to check out Sony’s MirrorMask (review), which will take you back to the days of The Labrynth. Also, if you missed out on New Line Cinema’s A History of Violence (review #1, #2), the film expands into 1,200 theaters this week. And last but not least is Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist, which begins it’s run in 779 theaters and expands next week. Our prediction? Sh-t, flip a coin.

Source: FDM