Another Twilight Zone Movie? Suffering Director? and More!

Tons of great scoops were dropped out onto the horror community at this years Fango Con in NY and I can’t believe it took this long to hit the web! Who wouldn’t be excited for another Twilight Zone movie?! And could Feast director John Gulager be directing The Suffering adaptation for the big screen? Read on for the answers and much, much more…
Icons of Fright reports:

– During the John Landis/Mick Garris panel, they let us know that the John Landis episode of MASTERS OF HORRORS is titled Deer Woman and stars Brian Benben (of ‘Dream On’ fame)

– The duo confirmed that GOBLIN will in fact be scoring the Dario Argento episode of MASTERS OF HORROR

– Plans are underway for Season 2 of MASTERS OF HORROR with Roger Corman on board to direct an episode!

– Despite the on-set tragedy during the production of the original Twilight Zone movie back in 1983, John Landis is fairly confident that Universal will eventually make another Twilight Zone movie.

– ‘We All Fall Down’ – the short written & directed by filmmaker Jake Kennedy for the Fangoria Blood Drive Volume 2 DVD, is the first amongst this years Blood Drive winners to be getting a full length adaptation. Word has it that Paul Solet & Jake Hamilton’s ‘Means To An End’ might get the full length treatment too. A script is circulating.

– Although nothing is official, Emily Perkins mentioned that the producers of the Ginger Snaps films are in talks to possibly spin off a Ginger Snaps television series.

– Fan reaction for the ‘FEAST’ trailer at the convention was very positive. Director John Gulager mentioned that he’s in talks to helm the video game adaptation ‘THE SUFFERING’.

– According to SAW creators James Wan & Leigh Whannell, SAW II will rock and will satisfy audiences of the first. The new DVD release ‘SAW: REBIRTH’ is in fact a different cut of the film, supervised and color corrected by James Wan.

– Three flicks to look for are Larry Fessenden’s The Last Winter, Ti West’s The Roost, and James McKenney’s Death To The Automatons, all being released by Larry’s Glass Eye Pix production company. Larry Fessenden’s The Last Winter features HELLBOY’S Ron Pearlman in the lead.

– Clive Barker is releasing an extensive hardcover coffee-table book, which features a slew of his original paintings called ‘Visions Of Heaven And Hell’ in October.

– Clive Barker’s next novel will be ‘The Scarlet Gospels’ and it combines two of his mythologies – the Harry D’Amour character (Lord Of Illusions) and Pinhead from Hellraiser. In fact, Clive plans this book to chronicle the graceful death of Pinhead. (“…he’ll be somewhere where not even Dimension Films can get a hold of him…”)

– Clive Barker mentioned that the continuing volumes in the Arabat books will continue to get darker and darker, despite them being labeled as children’s book. Although he won’t have much control over the movie version (coming to you from Disney!), he mentioned Kelly Asbury, director of Shrek 2 will be directing it.

– The first film from Clive Barker’s newly formed production company will be a film called ‘The Plague’, followed by the first adaptation of his Books Of Blood – ‘THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN’.

– Clive Barker would consider returning to the world of Cabal (Nightbreed) but not in a film – possibly in a television series.

– Opposite what others are reporting, the big screen edition of TORTURED SOULS has been delayed (because of DOOM) but will go into production next year under Universal.

– Sage Stallone’s GRINDHOUSE productions company are putting out a slew of fully uncut & restored special edition DVD’s. The first titles amongst his roaster are ‘CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST’, ‘PIECES’, ‘SCUM OF THE EARTH’, & ‘THE TOUGH ONES’.

– Full Moon head honcho Charles Band is prepping to release ‘THE GINGERDEAD MAN’ starring Gary Busey on DVD next month. In regards to re-releasing older Full Moon titles on DVD, apparently Paramount still hold most of the rights. The import versions are still available on his site. The rights issue is also why we won’t see a Subspecies box set anytime soon, but there is a great script for Subspecies 5 in existence. At the moment, it’d be too expensive to produce.

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Source: Icons of Fright