I ‘Shutter’ Thinking About Texas Horror Movies

No this isn’t our third review for the Thai horror film, it’s a review for the indie Texas horror film Shutter, which actually looks like a pretty kick ass time (there’s nothing scarier than the crazy Southerner films). Click the link above to read our review. Two Photography Students, Claire and Jenny venture into the woods of Claire’s home town in search of an abandoned quarantine house, forgotten since then days of the “Great Influenza” during the first World War. Lead by Andy the three disappear into the woods and moving closer to death. As they move deeper into the woods they have unknowingly become the object of someone’s heinous and horrific desires. A gruesome tale stretched to the brink of insanity and mental breakdown, ‘Shutter’ captures a striking image of unharnessed human desire at its worst.

Source: B-D Review