The Pulse on Horror part 3: Defending the Remake

It’s been a very slow couple days when it comes to news, so here’s a new Pulse on Horror entitled Defending the Remake column to enjoy! When I started the column I started it for one reason, and it has transformed into something else. It was originally intended to be pieces on the lifeline of horror, only it has a deeper meaning now. I’m really sick of the negativity surrounding horror- and I’m not talking about from the press and general public- I’m talking about YOU, the fans! I watch the forums, I get emails all day every day from you guys, and everything is always negative and full of hate, do you not love our genre? Sure certain lines get crossed, and bringing back franchises like ‘Scream’ and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ are valid reason to kick and scream, but are remakes really, truly that bad?

Source: B-D Articles