Lennie O. Talks ‘Mania’ and ‘Crowbars’

Lennie Overgaard has become a machine in the indie world as he’s working on more than a handful of projects ranging from Rip Cage to the recently announced The Last Winter– now we’ve got more from Lennie as he details B-D on even more projects he’s working on! Read on for the skinny on his next film Crowbars (which he wrote and directs) and watch this spot for more on Rip Cage very soon…
Lennie Overgaard writes in:

Vanessa Mason’s MANIA (that I’m editing) will be available on DVD sometime this December (might be December 13th, but nothing is certain yet) and it will include a LOT of special features. We’re on a strict deadline, so don’t expect a trailer anytime soon. Maybe a month or so before the release.

I’m finishing a new script called CROWBARS to be produced by Savage Dog Films. It’s a big step away from RIP CAGE as this one is down to earth. It’s gory as hell and it’s violent. It’s in the style of WRONG TURN and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. It should be out in 2006.

It’s about a group of teenagers camping in the woods. One by one they’re kidnapped during the night and moved to a house hidden in between the trees. They wake up in a cellar with horrible scars everywhere. Their kidnapper’s intentions are seemingly unknown, but they do know that they have to get our of this house as fast as they possibly can. The kidnapper has been planning this for a long time so every step they take could either mean surviving or losing one of the group members.

More details soon!