Romero Talks ‘Land of the Dead’ Sequel!!

Out promoting his DVD release of Land of the Dead (review #1, #2), B-D caught up with George Romero to talk about a few things, including sequel(s) to Land of the Dead and his Stephen King adaptation of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. You can pick up the unrated Land DVD here, which hits retailers on October 18th. Land stars Simon Baker, Robert Joy, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, Pedro Miguel Arce, Krista Bridges, Eugene Clark, Boyd Banks, Jason Gautreau, Christopher Russell, Alan Van Sprang, Asia Argento, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Read on for the interview…
By Elaine Lamkin

I recently had the brief but very pleasurable opportunity to speak with George “Call me George” Romero about current and future projects he is working on while at the same time promoting his current film, Land of the Dead. George will also be appearing at this year’s Chiller Theatre, October 28-30 at The Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ along with former Romero co-stars Judith O’Dea and Ken Foree, so far.

BD: Will there be a sequel to your current film, “Land of the Dead”?

GR: If I live, I hope so. I’d like to wait until something else happens in the world to generate a new idea but with things the way they are now, it could be a dirty bomb and…that’s all folks. But yes, my plan is for “Land of the Dead” to be the 4th of six films.

BD: I heard a rumor that the next film might be titled “World of the Dead”. Any credence to that rumor?

GR: That has nothing to do with me, never heard of it. But if you know who IS doing such a film, have him give me a call.

BD: What happened with you and “Masters of Horror”? Why did you drop out?

GR: I didn’t so much “drop out” as “run out of time”. I was working with Mick Garris, who is a wonderful guy, and I wanted to write my own thing for the series but the time simply wasn’t there. I’m still working on my story now, while I’m promoting “Land of the Dead” so hopefully, if “Masters of Horror” gets picked up, I’ll get another shot at doing it for the series.

BD: I have heard that you may be adapting one of Stephen King’s novels. What’s the truth behind that rumor?

GR: No rumor. Steve and I go way back and he’s a great guy and I wanted to do “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon”, which is a wonderful story. I’ve actually already written the adaptation and wanted Dakota Fanning for the lead role. But Hollywood thought the story was “too soft”, especially with my name attached to it so it’s on hold for now. But we came VERY close to doing it! Perhaps one day soon…

BD: You are going to be at Chiller at the end of October. How many of your former actors do you expect will be there with you?

GR: I have no idea! I have a manager who simply tells me to be somewhere and I show up. I know Ken (Foree) will be there as he’s always there and you can’t miss him, he’s such a big guy. And Judy O’Dea is supposed to show up. Other than them, I haven’t a clue. But everyone make sure and stop by to say “Hi” at the very least because I KNOW I’ll be there!

Interview by Elaine Lamkin
October 2005

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