Does Sony Know What They’re Getting with Clive Barker?

It’s interesting to me that Sony Screen Gems would acquire distribution rights to the Clive Barker produced film Plague, while at the same time they gave off Eli Roth’s Hostel. What exactly do they want in a horror film? It makes me nervous thinking that what they want isn’t exactly horror. Read on for more details on the acquisition…
Fangoria has learned from Seraphim Films that its latest production from Clive Barker, the recently wrapped THE PLAGUE, has been picked up by Screen Gems for release next year. The movie stars James Van Der Beek, Dee Wallace Stone and Joshua Close, the latter of whom also appears in Screen Gems’ fall hit THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE.

Next up for Seraphim and Barker’s Midnight Picture Show label is MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN for Lions Gate, which Barker told Fango he expects to shoot in New York City and/or Montreal this fall under Patrick Tatopoulos’ direction.

Source: Fangoria