B-D Enters ‘Cinemuerte: The Final Year’

B-D says goodbye to Cinemuerte, in its final year in Vancouver, Canada. The fest kicks of October 26th and runs through Halloween, and we’ll be doing a little coverage here at B-D. Inside you can find our pre-fest article, which talks about what films we’ll be seeing and what you too can see. Don’t miss out on what could be one of the better horror fests of the year. Read on for the article.


When Kier-La Janisse started the Cinemuerte Horror Film Festival (www.cinemuerte.com) in 1999, she was a clerk in a local Vancouver video store named Black Dog Video, but was such an enthusiast in the world of horror, schlock, giallo and various other films of dubious genres that it was always a pleasure to ask her about anything new on the shelves that might not have been familiar to someone like myself. Her enthusiasm is what made me brave a number of films which I would otherwise be hesitant to view, and opened me up to such directors as Jean Rollin, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, and many other films within the horror genre in general.

This year’s festival here in Vancouver is unfortunately the last. As Kier-La accurately puts it: “…my motivation was the scarcity of foreign and independent horror in Canada, either theatrically or on home video,” and, “in the days before Ebay or Amazon…and when Anchor Bay’s horror line was in its infancy…their efforts spawned a proliferation of companies specializing in similar fare, each vying to fill the holes in each others catalogues.”

Quite true. I recently recall seeing copies of Chan-wook Park’s “Oldboy” in stores before it hit theatres in Canada…the same has happened with many other titles, and many other genres. The DVD explosion continues.

Well, this being the last year of Cinemuerte, I’m looking forward to taking in as many films as possible. Previous years of viewing such films as “Dog Soldiers”, “Pretty Poison”, “Viva La Muerte”, the documentary “James Ellroy’s Feast Of Death” and many other films within the genres of horror, suspense or a demented combination of various genres, and expanding an audiences perceptions of where horror can erupt, whether visusally or emotionally, has been the continued rewarding experience of this festival. In fact, Kier-La, now a resident of Austin, Texas, has made me consider moving there as she is the head programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown in the particular city. If you’re ever down that way, be sure to take in a visit there.

Cinemuerte takes place in Vancouver from October 26th to 31st, where it will screen films at the Pacific Cinematheque (1131 Howe St) in downtown Vancouver. The opening night gala will be the screening of the 2004 Belgian film, “Calvaire”. From its description, the film sounds like a version of “Deliverance” as directed by Gaspar Noe (Irreversible). Whoa.

Other films I’m looking forward to are “Creep” (2005) (which appears to be having it’s premiere here in Canada), “Shadow: Dead Riot” (with “Candyman’s Tony Todd),“Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” – a made-for-TV film from 1973 that has been described as: “the scariest, most lingering made-for-TV movie of all time”, “The Birthday” (starring Corey Feldman!), and even a screening of my favourite John Carpenter flick, “The Thing”.

You can even take part in the Bloodshots: 48-Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge, or join the “Buffy Sing Along” where audience members can test out their vocal chords to the Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode, “Once More With Feeling” – they’ll even screen one of the scariest Buffy episodes, “Hush”, just before the main musical event that evening.

I’ve just briefly touched on what will be going on at this year’s Cinemuerte Horror Film Festival. Further details and ticket purchasing can be done through the Cinemuerte Horror Film Festival website. Whether you’re in Vancouver, or in nearby Seattle, be sure to check out something at this year’s final edition of the premiere West Coast horror fest.


Source: Official Website