B-D Talks with Night of the Living Dead’s Judith O’Dea

People like George Romero come and go, and are always around for interviews- but this is something special! I nearly freaked when our hard working interviewer Elaine Lamkin dropped me an email telling me she scheduled an interview with Night of the Living Dead (review) star Judith O’Dea! With Romero’s Land of the Dead hitting DVD in a few weeks and us posting our interview with George here, we thought today would be the perfect day for you guys to read an interview we’re very proud to have. If you click here you can read the interview with Judith, which was done to promote her role in Dante Tomaselli’s The Ocean. I hope you enjoy as much as we did. The Ocean is about supernatural riptides terrorizing a coastal community. Expect plenty of drownings, possessions, and spooky haunted house scenarios.

Source: B-D Interview