First Ever Review of ‘Final Destination 3’!!

New Line Cinema’s Final Destination 3 is working its way towards theaters February 10th, 2006, and last week the film got its first test run at a theater here in California. Being that I’m an avid fan of the franchise, I made sure to skip sneaking into this one because the end result will be the only version I want to see- but that didn’t stop hundreds of fans from filling the seats to see the work-in-progress. Inside you’ll find a minor spoiler review of the film, which is still a long, long way from finished…
The film our reviewer saw was not completed, the score was temp, the movie was not color corrected and many of the FX sequences were temp and unfinished. The ending we have confirmed as ‘unshown’ so our reviewer will be happy to read this. Enjoy!

Review by B-D reader: Afireinside27

When my friends forced me to attend “Flightplan” with them, I thought no good would come out of it. Sure, the movie sucked ass, but it was AFTER the movie I got my $11 worth. There was a guy handing out flyers, and being the cheap bastard I am, of course I took one. Maybe it was a free poster I could sell on eBay? It had happened before. But no, it wasn’t. It was a flyer advertising a test screening of a movie I had been dying to see – FINAL DESTINATION 3.

So when I arrived at the theatre this last Thursday, the first thing I noticed was that James Wong was there. That surely got me pumped. It was then I saw how packed the theatre was, so I rushed to get a seat.

The opening scene was amazing. A spoiler is coming up so skip the rest of this paragraph if you don’t want to know how it happens. As they board the roller coaster, we see a sign saying “NO LOOSE ITEMS,” with a picture of a camera. Unfortunately, Frankie ignores it and takes his camera on with him. As the roller coaster starts, it appears everyone’s having a good time… until Frankie’s camera slips out of his pocket and falls onto the rail. The rollercoaster then pretty much falls apart, it falls of the rail, people fall out- it was simply one hell of a bloody ride! This was definitely the best of the three movies opening scenes.

When Wendy exits her premonition, the following people exit with her: Kevin (Ryan Merriman), Julie (Amanda Crew), Lewis (Texas Battle), Erin (Alexz Johnson), Ian (Kris Lemche), Frankie (Same Easton), Ashley (Chelan Simmons), Ashlynn (Crystal Lowe), and Ling (Maggie Ma). All for different reasons, but I’ll clarify one since it’s in a picture – Erin (Alexz Johnson) and Ian (Kris Lemche) get off after Erin is accidently punched in the head by a rather large man, ie the picture of her on the ground crying. Yes, Frankie did get off, so his camera did not fall during the ride – it instead falls as he is exiting the ride. Harris Allan, Jesse Moss (Wendys boyfriend,) Carrie Dreyer (Gina Holden), Marcus, Leon, Yuri, Colquitt, the Young Girl (Jessica Amlee), and Kahlil all die on the roller coaster. Jesse Moss does try to get off but the attendants don’t let him.

The killing starts pretty quickly after. I’m not going to go into details (who dies, how, etc,) as asked by Brad (Mr. Disgusting), but I will tell you that they are amazingly bloody and 10x better than the previous two with a few exceptions, since both had pretty gory deaths. The acting is well done, especially by newcomer Alexz Johnson. I’ve seen her on Instant Star before but she really does shine in FD3. I’m also a huge Kris Lemche fan, being a Ginger Snaps fanatic, and his performance does not disappoint, so don’t be worried fellow Ginger Snaps fans. –Slight Spoilerage– Oh, and for you people wondering about the “Drive-Thru” death – it’s the bloodiest of the bunch so look forward to that one. The hardware store scene comes in second, tanning beds not far behind. –End Slight Spoilerage

I’m hoping the ending wasn’t done, or they just didn’t show it, because what was screened was horrible. I wouldn’t be disappointed if this was the official movie, (excluding the ending,) it is still an amazing movie all its own.