Help Clean Up B-D, Get Rid of Crappy Reviews!

[color=yellow]It’s not easy starting a website, especially when you do it all yourself. Four years ago we launched Bloody-Disgusting and have been learning new things every day. We have been trying our best to take the site to the next level and one thing that is constantly brought to my attention is that a lot of our older reviews are terrible. Can I argue? No, a lot of them are beyond terrible. I don’t have the time to sit here and rewrite a review for every film I feel is off key, so what I’m proposing is that you guys- the fans- get the chance to write an official review! As you sift through our review database, if you come across a review you think is badly written and/or completely off on its view, I’d love for you to E-mail me a revision. Read on for requirements…[/color]
When you E-mail me, please put the following:

-Put NEW REVIEW in the subject line of the email
-Make sure the review is attached and not posted inside the email
-Give it a rating out of 10, and seriously put some thought into your score
-Give me the name and email you want posted with the review

If we like your new review, we’ll replace the old one and let ya know- and if it’s really good we might even post it on the front page again.

Thanks for your help in making B-D a better place!