Real Trial Affects ‘Wolf Creek’s’ Australian Release!?

Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek (review #1, #2), which is based on true events, was set to hit Australian theaters on November 3rd- but a court request may get the film pushed back indefinitely, according to an interesting e-mail I received this evening. The film, made for less than $2 million, centers on a group of backpackers who have a run in with a loopy stranger, played by John Jarratt. Read on for this very thought-provoking story and details on the real life crime that took place…
I got an interesting email today that I’d love to share with you guys, and whether or not you live in Australia doesn’t matter- this is still really crazy.

Apparently Roadshow Films has been contacted by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Northern Territory, Australia, requesting a delay on the films scheduled November 3rd release. From what the note explains, a trail begins next week that somehow would be affected by the films rollout into theaters.

Instantly a light went off in my head- the movie is based on true events and when the movie had been shot a few years back the real life killer had not been captured. But since then Ivan Milat has been arrested for the crimes of murdering a handful of people, which would become known as the “Backpack Murders”.

I’m making the assumption that the original case might have been reopened and is somehow heading back to court next week, which would explain why a theatrical release could harm the court case. This makes Greg McLean’s film Wolf Creek the first serial killer movie to be released during a murderer’s trial (so it appears).

The sentences were then handed down awhile back. For the attack on Paul Onions, six years’ imprisonment. For the remaining seven counts of willful murder, a life sentence for each. Ivan Milat was sentenced to prison “for the term of his natural life.”

If you’re interested in the real life story, click here for the facts from start to finish. It’s quite an interesting story, and once again you’ll see how lazy police work almost let a madman go free…

Source: B-D, Real life story