A Double Dose of ‘Last House on the Left’ News!

Today we’ve got a double dose of news in regards to the remake of one of Wes Craven’s first feature films The Last House on the Left, in which a gang of rapists and murderers unknowingly seeks refuge with the parents of one of their victims. Today some details on the direction of the film were posted online, but what it didn’t report is that New Line Cinema is no longer involved in bringing the film to the big screen. But we’ve been informed that other studios are fighting hand over fist to bring the remake over by them. Read on for more details on the progress…
Fangoria scored a little something something from Wes Craven:

“We’re talking about doing a remake of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT,” Craven tells Fango. “[Original producer] Sean Cunningham called me up and said, ‘What about it?’ So who knows? I’d find somebody [else] to direct it; I don’t feel comfortable about repeating films that I’ve done, but it’s interesting having a young director come in and do something different. Alexandre Aja really took an interesting direction on the remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES; I believe it’s going to be really good. I’d also supervise the script for LAST HOUSE, but at a certain point it’s best to step back and let the director make his movie.”

Follow the link for more on that and The Hills Have Eyes.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting, Fangoria