‘Lethal Weapon’ Guru Writing Horror Pic!

This news makes me tingle all over! Shane Black, who wrote the infamous Lethal Weapon and directed the incredible upcoming pic Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, is prepping a horror film for himself to direct, according to an interview with Suicide Girls. Knowing Black, this will be a new type of horror film, something with more wit than we’re used to. Read on for the skinny and make sure to check out Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang from Warner Bros. Pictures on November 11th…
Suicide Girls writes:

DRE: What are you writing right now?

Black: I’m trying to write an elegant horror thriller. When I say elegant, I mean there’s no slasher or chainsaw or anything like that. I want to do something that’s a bit more freakish, but not in that kind of 80’s way. I’m trying to go back to my favorite horror films, which tended to be more in the 70’s like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby.

DRE: Are you going for a religious horror story?

Black: I’m not sure yet. There’s no character who’s a priest, but I may in fact end up looking at it and saying, “The message of this is almost religious.” I don’t know. Certainly good and evil.

DRE: Are you going to be breaking clich’s again like you did with Kiss Kiss?

Black: I think if I did it the way that I did in Kiss Kiss, then it would be a cliché because I’d be doing it again. I’ve got to figure out a brand new way to get juice out of the horror genre. Not even new juice, just capture the things that I like and leave behind the things that I don’t. I’m curious to see how I would do a horror film because I love horror films so much, but I only like specific things. It would be like a banquet where you get to pick the stuff you like and leave the rest.

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Source: Suicide Girls