‘Halloween 9’ Still a Go? Then a Remake?

Rumors have been circulating like mad in regards to the next Halloween film, and the only truth to hit the web thus far is that WeinsteinCo. will be doing another Halloween film, the only question is when and how many? Today some news surfaced, which I can assure you is fact- and I can also promise some explosive news down the line, which I’m being forced to keep under wraps. Read on for the skinny…
Dread Central caught up with Malek Akkad (son of Moustapha) and got the following goods:

Akkad tells DC, “We have had talks with them about it and it is something we would consider, but we are focusing on getting Halloween 9 made right now. It is a touchy subject because Halloween is such a classic and it still holds up today. It’s a case of why fix what isn’t broken, but we never say never and it’s something we are at least considering for the tenth installment but no decision has been made at this point”.

But here’s the kicker, there’s more- a lot more. I promise you guys that some really amazing news might await us, so until then click the link for the full story.

Source: Dread Central