News Traffic Jam: Four Pieces of News in One

The past few weeks have been freakin’ crazy here at B-D and I really wish we had our brand spanking new news system up and running. The past few weeks news has been pushed off the main page quicker than we can ever post it and today’s no exception. Over at Fangoria today they got news on four interesting projects including a Court TV show, Carpenter’s The 13 Apostle, Tim Sullivan’s Driftwood and Brett Sullivan’s Hush. Read on for links and a touch of each story…
All news comes courtesy of Fangoria:

Apostle on Hold: After John Carpenter denied the supposed rumors flying around that he’d return to the franchise, he told Fango that THE 13TH APOSTLE, is on hold. “That’s one I might direct, but it’s all a matter of whether they have enough money to make the movie right and if they have enough to pay me.” And he adds that, all rumors aside, he has never had a beef with HALLOWEEN honcho Moustapha Akkad. “I have no problem with the Akkads. They pay me a whole lot of money every time they make one of those things.”

Snapping Again: In Ginger Snaps directorial news, Fango has learned that Brett Sullivan, the editor of GINGER SNAPS who made his directorial debut on the highly praised sequel GINGER SNAPS 2: UNLEASHED, is rolling his follow-up feature HUSH this week in Canada. Here’s the synopsis they scored: “Danielle, a young and beautiful psychology grad student, is not only haunted by a troubled past, but by an evil presence in the here and now. To prove to her sister, Anna, that she is sane, Danielle sets out to document the haunting in her Victorian home, but instead she becomes possessed by the sinister soul of a child killer. As a battle rages within Danielle, Anna struggles to save her sister before she commits the unthinkable—the torturous and suffocating murder of innocence. Can Anna rescue her sister alone, or will she need help from the most unlikely of places…the past? Only time will tell, and it isn’t on her side.”

Satan’s Little Helper goes to Court TV: Fright filmmaker Jeff Lieberman (Satan’s Little Helper) gave Fango some details about a new project he’s doing for television through his KaBoo Productions, to air on Court TV. “The show’s called ’TIL DEATH DO US PART, and they’re half-hour true stories of spousal murder,” he tells us. “Each episode starts off with a wedding, and we watch the marriage deteriorate from there. And attending each wedding is a character called the Groom Reaper, a time-traveling soothsayer of doom played by John Waters. He’ll tell us who the couple is, how they met—and how long it’s going to take before one kills the other. And then we dramatize the story up to the murder, and the killer getting caught. It’s all taken from court records of people who were convicted of the murders.

2001 Maniacs heads to Driftwood: Next week Sullivan steps behind the camera again for DRIFTWOOD, the supernatural thriller that stars Ricky Ullman, Talan (LAGUNA BEACH) Torriero, Russell (RULES OF ATTRACTION) Simms, MANIACS’ Lin Shaye (“She’s my good luck charm,” Sullivan says) and DEVIL’S REJECTS/HOOD OF HORROR tough guy Diamond Dallas Page. As previously noted, DRIFTWOOD, which Sullivan co-wrote with HOOD/MANIACS partner Chris Kobin, concerns a teenage attitude-adjustment facility haunted by the ghost of a kid once murdered there. “These ‘Scared Straight’ camps have sprung up all over the U.S. ever since Columbine,” Sullivan tells Fango. “They are horrible places, but a good setting for a horror film. So I pitched the idea to Dark Horse Indie, executive producer Mike [ALIEN VS. PREDATOR] Richardson’s new company, and the film got set up there in record time. They loved the script.”

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Source: Fangoria