QuickTime Trailer for ‘Slither’ Stains My Shirt

I don’t care what the early reviews say, James Gunn’s Slither is going to be one hell of a gooey time. The trailer alone gives me flashbacks of those kick ass ’80s flicks; head on over to Apple.com to check out the new trailer in sexy QuickTime. Also now online in the official website for the flick that hits theaters March 31st. Starla, the most beautiful woman in her small town, enlists the help of Bill, the handsome young police chief, to deal with her husband, Grant. Grant is infected with an alien plague, which has turned him into a slithering, flesh-eating creature. As Grant’s murder spree evolves from pets to people, the disease threatens to overrun the town with slithering, worm-like creatures. Now it’s up to Starla and Bill to stop the plague before it spreads further and kills everything on Earth.

Source: Apple.com