Win Signed ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ DVDs and Posters!

As we continue our Halloween madness with contest after contest (more here), today we’ve been provided with some amazing goodies to promote the DVD release (October 25th) of Cannibal Holocaust, which can be pre-ordered here. Read on to see how to win. In 1979, a film crew disappeared in the jungles of South America while shooting a documentary on tribal cannibalism. One year later, their footage was found and brought back to America. This is that footage….

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One of the most controversial movies of all time is finally hitting DVD on October 25th. Now you can see all the blood and carnage in nice, sharp, quality. We’ve been supplied with the following prizes: Grand Prize: (1) Signed DVD and Signed Poster; (2) Second Prize: DVD; (5) Third Prizes: A Poster.

Want to win? Then all you have to do is E-mail me the following at

-Put Cannibal Holocaust in the subject
-Inside include your full name
-Full mailing address
-Tell me what actually grosses you out (if anything).

Winners to be chosen at random on October 30th, failure to include any of the above results in instant disqualification.

Press Release Below:


LOS ANGELES — After fighting a difficult battle with printers over a graphic photo insert, Sage Stallone and Bob Murawski of Grindhouse Releasing have at last prevailed in their mission to bring Ruggero Deodato’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST to DVD.

No less than eight different printers refused to handle the artwork for Grindhouse’s 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST due to the inner sleeve design, which features an image of a nude woman impaled on a stake. The producers encountered further resistance from numerous binderies who likewise turned down the job of putting together the elaborate DVD package.

The stonewalling by printers caused a nerve-wracking last-minute delay in Grindhouse’s production schedule, and ultimately cost the disc producers thousands of dollars in added expenses. “It was a real nightmare. We almost didn’t make our street date because of these problems,” says Murawski. “For a while, it seemed like nobody was going to take on the job. We had a similar problem years ago with our release of CANNIBAL FEROX, where we actually did make some changes in the artwork that we felt were appropriate. But we would never change our design to suit a printer’s sensibilites. We put too much hard work into the project to back down.”

The producers have faced many other obstacles bringing the DVD to market in recent months. A well-known film magazine refused to run an ad for CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, denying Grindhouse the opportunity to submit an alternate design; the same publication promptly killed a story on the movie after seeing the ad. Major retailers such as Blockbuster have passed on the DVD, citing content issues.

“With all the uncensored horror product in the marketplace, it is amazing that CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST is still a lightning rod for First Amendment issues decades after it was made,” says Grindhouse publicist David Szulkin, who served as Associate Producer of the DVD.

All 11,111 copies of the limited edition 2-disc set had to be hand-assembled, as the “offending” artwork was printed in a different facility than the rest of the DVD box. Based on the impressive advance orders, distributor Rykodisc predicts that the entire run will sell out in record time.

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST arrives in stores on October 25, 2005. “This is the mother of all DVDs, period,” says Ryko’s Jay Douglas, the first to view the finished product. “With CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, Grindhouse has raised the bar for everyone.”

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