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FIRST LOOK: A Breathtaking Trailer For ‘Star Trek’ Actor’s Horror Novel, ‘Human Nature’!



This is why I urge everyone to use the contact forms here at Bloody-Disgusting to submit any news that they might happen to stumble upon. Today an e-mail was forwarded to me from Mr. Disgusting that had been sent to us from reader HORRORFREN!ZY who happened upon a teaser trailer for what he thought was a film coming from actor Matthew Ewald (“GALIDOR”, “STAR TREK PHASE II”). But when he further investigated the trailer it turned out that the teaser wasn’t for a film, but an upcoming original horror novel by the actor! Not only that, but this trailer is absolutely AMAZING! Read on for the trailer and all the info (thus far) on the project that looks to be a very promising entry into the genre.

Here Is The Official Synopsis…

“Matthew Ewald’s (actor: Galidor, Star Trek Phase II) chilling debut novel of horror from Black Bed Sheet Books, released May 2010. The only survivor of the grisly aftermath of an activist raid on an animal testing lab leaves him institutionalized. When his psychiatrist begins to unlock the secrets to the events of that fateful night, she finds it is up to the both of them to stop the unspeakable evil that was unleashed upon the world.

Also, Here is What Matthew Himself Has To Say About The Book…

“I have a deep passion and love for the horror genre and all of its branches. However, I feel that we are currently in an age where the horror genre has been regulated to remakes, loss of originality, and countless sequel after sequel, where nothing new is given to the fans. Well, I dream of telling a story that can not only remind people why it is they fell in love with the horror genre, but why they fell in love with stories and tales told in the first place. I dream of a story that dares us to dream. And, in turn, a story that makes us fear the darkness once more. To get back to the true darkness and psychological side of the monsters that lurk not only within horror, but within us.”

And Without Further Ado, Here Is The Teaser Trailer For “HUMAN NATURE”…

“HUMAN NATURE” By Matthew Ewald Drops May 25th From Black Bedsheet Press!

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there: you can ALWAYS get involved here at Bloody-Disgusting. Shoot us an e-mail at anytime. Who knows, maybe we will use your submission just like we used HORRORFREN!ZY’s!


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