James Wan’s ‘Silence’ Goes Atmospheric

James Wan, director of the first Saw, is hard at work editing his second feature film over at Universal Studios entitled Silence, which stars Amber Valletta, Ryan Kwanten and writer Leigh Whannell (Saw). When B-D sat down with him last week he told us of his vision, which gave me chills of excitement. In short, Silence will be a slow-paced atmospheric ghost story, completely opposite what Saw was. The movie will carry a timeless tone, and yet feel like something out of a classic Vincent Price movie. Want a better explanation? Then read on…
Fangoria got more details from Wan and Whannelll:

“It’s about a master ventriloquist named Mary Shaw, one of the greatest ventriloquists who ever lived, who lived in this old theater in the ’40s and had a huge collection of dolls. She dies, and her spirit comes back, and the way to summarize would be to say if she was a master ventriloquist when she was alive, imagine what she can do when she’s dead.”

“It’s more of an old-school horror film,” he continues. “James and I are huge fans of that classic Hammer horror—the fog, the full moon—short of camp, we love that sort of Vincent Price style. This is a real throwback to that; it’s very different from SAW, which is more visceral and a brawnier horror film. SILENCE is much moodier; it’s slower-moving, and beautiful to look at. It’s not actually set back in the ’40s, but it has a feeling like it is, a real SLEEPY HOLLOW-like ambience.”

Of course the film will probably end up being PG-13, but there’s nothing wrong with that as long as that’s what the film you make is, you dig? Forcing a rating is when I get pissed.

Source: Fangoria