B-D Has Free ‘Saw II’ Tickets and Tons of Interviews!!

Today we’ve been supplied with ten (10) individual tickets to see Saw II (review #1, #2, #3) in any theaters, in any town, thanks to Fandango.com! Of course you’ll have to see the film between the dates of 10/27-10-31 (Mon), so E-mail me here and put ‘Saw II Tickets’ in the subject line and I’ll email you tonight if you’re a winner. In addition to that goodie, we’ve posted two sets of interviews; one with star Donnie Wahlberg and the other with director Darren Bousman and writer Leigh Whannell. Lions Gate Films’ Saw II hits theaters tomorrow, almost exactly one year after Saw scared the hell out of audiences everywhere. Support your favorite horror website by clicking the Saw II severed fingers above and checking out the amazing website for the film.

Source: Lions Gate Films