Is the ‘Predator’ remake rumor true?!

I read this on our forums the other day (here) and searched everywhere for something more concrete and couldn’t find it- maybe because the Wrestling Observer is a magazine? Well according to this ‘magazine’, WWE Champion (still?) John Cena is set to play a role in 20th Century Fox’s remake, yes I did say remake, of Predator. Read on for the skinny…
Moviehole breaks it down nicely:

I have to admit, this is the very first that I’m hearing on it, but according to the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter”, WWE Superstar John Cena, coming up next in “The Marine” opposite “Nip/Tuck” star Kelly Carlson, is apparently up for the lead role in a remake of 1987’s Arnold Schwazenegger starrer, “Predator”.

A few months back, a scooper over at Latino Review touched on a remake, saying that John McTiernan has been offered the Directorial duties in an effort to lure him away from the “Thomas Crown Affair” sequel that he’s been developing.

The “Observer” was one of the first to break the news about Cena’s role in “The Marine”, so I’m betting that there’s a bit of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” going on around this story. The WWE has pushed several of their Wrestlers for big screen projects as of late, with Cena, The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin & Kane all headlining new projects within the next few months.

Cena is in Australia at the moment for the “Survivor Series” tour, so hopefully we’ll get some more info soon.

Writer Sam Park [“The Half-Way House”] had been hoping to lure Schwarzenegger back to play Dutch – one last time – in a “Predator 3”, but seems FOX might have decided to go the remake route instead.

Source: Moviehole