‘Rejects’ Producer ‘Ssslithers’ to US Singer

Popular American singer Kathleen LaGue will star in Ssslither a new horror film from Devil’s Rejects producer Mike Elliot. It’s “a horror movie about mutant killer eels taking over a small town in the Florida everglades”, LaGue, whose credits include, House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim, American Pie : Band Camp and All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos, tells Moviehole. You can read all of the juicy details inside…
Moviehole reports:

“The concept is based on a true story concerning an exotic species of eels that are released in the southeast from Asia. They breathe air and can survive on land!. I play the lead role of the sheriff, Ruth Gainey-Coates, and along with my ex husband Delmar, the animal control officer, we fight to the end and are two of the last ones standing. My character fights many battles with her 9 millimeter, a harpoon gun, and her sharp tongue, challenging the overzealous ex marine, Lott, who is constantly arguing with her. It was a blast playing a strong female role, who has a softer side and a sexy side, who runs the town.

“It’s going to be really SCARY, the script is great, and it’s more than just blood and gore, though there’s plenty of that! There’s a great subplot with the relationship with Ruth and Delmar and some great crazy comedic characters as well”.

October Sky star Doug Swander co-stars in the movie.

“Swander is one of my greatest friends from back in Nashville. I knew he would be perfect for the role, rugged, handsome, hero type, so I brought him in to meet the producers soon after I was involved, and he came on board. He also is a singer/songwriter/musician and we’ve been asked to write a song together for the film. We had such a blast filming. We have nearly every scene together, so it was great to have someone I knew would be great to work with, especially with the love scenes, you want to know you can trust that person and you also want to know it’s gonna look hot.”

Source: Moviehole