‘Night of the Living Dead’ Remake Finished? In 3-D?!

Here’s some interesting news that’s sure to piss a lot of poeple off. Fangoria has learned that Midnight Movies Entertainment and Lux Digital Pictures GmbH are in the final stages of postproduction on Night of the Living Dead 3D, a new motion picture inspired by the 1968 George A. Romero classic. Exploiting the film’s reputed public-domain status and the recent explosion in zombie flicks, ‘Night of the Living Dead 3D’ shot in and around locations in Los Angeles last summer under the direction of Jeff Broadstreet, helmer of the indie films ‘Sexbomb’ and ‘Dr. Rage’. Robert Valding penned the update, which reportedly uses the original film more as a jumping-off point than 1990’s faithful Tom Savini-directed version. You can read the whole story by clicking the link below or head on over to the official website for the trailer.

Source: Fangoria