Reviews: ‘Three… Extremes’ and ‘Cold Blood’

Today we added two new reviews to our massive horror movie database. The first is for Lions Gate Films’ Three… Extremes, which is now in select theaters across the country. The Japanese horror film features three 40-minute films by Asian legends Takashi Miike, Fruit Chan and Park Chan-Wook. Watch for this on DVD early next year. We’ve also added a review for Heretic Films’ DVD release of Cold Blood, which is now available at retailers everywhere. Unable to cope with his wife’s death, J.M. flees to his sister’s desolate farm where he was married one year ago. There, he finds himself haunted by memories and visions of his dead wife, Andrea. However, J.M. slowly realizes that he is not alone. He is tormented by a new caretaker, some curious locals, and his wife’s suspicious lover who is trying to unravel the mystery of Andrea’s disappearance.

Source: BD Reviews