Spooky Dan Checks Out the Horrors of the AFM

This year Spooky Dan represented Bloody-Disgusting at the American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California and came back with some great little tid-bits for you horror hounds. We’ve got a few reviews coming in the next week or so, but today Spooky sent in a list of Horror films that you’ll be seeing sometime in the next year or so, many of them you may have never heard of. Read on for the goods…
Horror Takes over AFM …again!

Bloody-Disgusting was on hand this year at the annual American Film Market where all sorts of filmmakers and producers buy and sell their films to distributors. And like in the past few years, this year is full or horror hopefuls trying to get their movies out to the public. Some films go into the market with deals already about to happen while other will sit and fester long enough until a distributor sees their chuck of potential gold within. The buzz around the floor was that Horror was smarter this year, after many years of vampires, and giant creature films, the market was looking for smarter horror films. Let’s hope we can be free of the many crappy horror films that have been released lately and get a fresh new pile of movies that aim to scare the pants off of us and… our girlfriends.

Being that it is a buyers and sellers market, we only got to see a few movies, but more importantly learn about a whole whack of new movies. While some distributors were happy to talk with us about what’s coming up others like the assholes at Nu Image wanted nothing to do with Horror press…especially since they are DOING A REMAKE OF DAY OF THE DEAD, without any hint of Romero anywhere (except for ripping off the cover art for Land of The Dead!). Bastards!

We did get a chance to sit in on Tobe Hooper’s new film ‘Mortuary,’ which was a fun film with some cool FX, mixed acting, hot teen sluts with massive fake tits, and a brand spankin’ new killer called Bobby Fowler. Its kind-of a fun adventure that ultimately doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in the end, but it was still a fun ride. Unlike ‘Toolbox Murders’ this one was almost built for a more broad audience. (I will do a proper review a bit later) .

Here is an AFM breakdown about what’s happening in the world of horror to come:

Films with the The Most Buzz
Dark Remains (an indie ghost story)
2001 Maniacs (details) (Tim Sullivan’s funny and fun gore fest)
Gravedancers (details) (lots of talk about this fright flick)
Ghost Son (a big looking movie!)
KatieBird (details) (a Bloody-disgusting favorite!)
Karla (a Canadian true serial Killer, film that was being talked about all over the festival!)
An American Haunting (details) (looks cool but didn’t this used to be called Emily Rose?
and believe it or not Troma’s Poultrygeist (details).

New Asian Horror: there were too many to mention, but here are some highlights:
Cello (details) (super cool looking haunted cello movie…very bloody!)
The Wig (details) (about a haunted black wig!!! For real!)
Art of the Devil (uber gore!)
Art of the Devil 2 (more of the same)
Tales of Terror – The Haunted Apartment (made for TV anthology…I think)
Tomie: Beginning (details)
Tomie: Revenge (details)
Spirits (details) (elegant Vietnamese ghostly anthology)

No More Remakes or Sequels Please!
Day of the Dead (details) (please shoot us before this happens!)
Creepshow 3 (details) (might be fun)
Rambo IV (not horror, but definatly horrifying)

The Gory!
EvilBreed (details) (boobs, Blood and gore, with Jenna Jameson)
La Llorona – The Wailer (bloody ghosts and demons)

Creatures and Monsters:
Tooth Fairy (details) (the “real” tooth fairy is a crazy old disfigured woman!)
Vengeance (an “ancient evil” AKA killer snake)
SSSSlither Death From Below (details) (underwater big creature – fish film)
Eyeborgs (bugbots gone wild)
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks (John Buechler, Tony Todd and Roger Corman do a dinosaur indie)
Minotaur (monster movie, that thinks its Lord of the Rings)
The Unknown (might be better known as Bigfoot?)
The Dead of Night (teenagers in a graveyard turn into zombie-ish thingies)

Random Horror: Not sure what category these fall under but…we will just say the rest:
Apartment 6 (trailer) (ghostly roommates)
AxeGrinder (a David Palmieri, indie slasher)
Trick or Treat (kids Halloween movie)
Urbane (upcoming horror with Doug Bradley)
9 Lives of Mara (new step mom might be a witch, thriller)
Angels Blood (no idea, but it has Karen Black)
Victims (Jesse Bradford stars in a psychological drug thriller…whatever)
Happy End (creepy little girl)
Graves End (anything with Daniel Roebuck is cool with me)
Annas Eve (“in the tradition of The Ring and The Grudge we bring you” …. You know the drill, ghosts, and scary dreams)
Within (details) (critically acclaimed indie similar to The Cave… is that possible?)
Death Ride (website)
H6 (trailer)

So Bad its Good… Maybe?
Trilogy of Terror (horror hosted anthology, that looks so bad its could be great!)
The Scorned (the E! channel’s Kill Reality film… umm no)
Mexican Werewolf in Texas (I was told this one was really good, but , from the poster i am not so sure)
Zombie town (zombie fun, with a granny zombie as well!)
Look @ me (webchik, gets a crazy stalker… could be a fun small indie)
Zombies (complete SHITE from Nu Image…those bastards)

Big Names Attached
Lamberto Bava’s The Torturer
Rob Zombie’s (El Superbeasto)
Wes Craven’s The Breed (details)
David Lynch’s Inland Empire

Source: AFM