This Make-Over Will Scare You to Death

Here’s a topic horror hasnt covered in quite sometime- cosmetics. It’s funny how far our society has gone to keep people looking young and vibrant, and yet we’ve sort of swayed away from the never-ending joke. Thanks to Push Worldwide horror will return to the roots (literally) with Richard Helpern’s next project, Cold Cream, a horror thriller that satirizes the cosmetics industry. Read on for the skinny…
Variety reports:

Newly launched international distrib Push Worldwide is producing writer-director Richard Helpern’s next project, “Cold Cream,” a horror thriller that satirizes the cosmetics industry.

Pic is about an overweight, unattractive female who is charmed by an attractive cosmetics exec into being a guinea pig for a new, experimental cream. She becomes thin and beautiful overnight, but soon after, her mind and body begin to rot.

Beginning with “Cold Cream,” Push intends to develop and release three to four features a year. “Cold” was brought in by Push acquisition execs Pam Eisen and Jelena Tadic after hearing Halpern’s pitch. Film will be produced by Mike Elliot and Joe Genier.

Come on, you knew this pic was coming…

Source: Variety