‘The Hidden’ Headed for the Big Screen?

Here’s some good news coming from the world of books, it looks like Sarah Pinborough’s creepy debut book The Hidden may be coming to a theatre near you. Apparently Nashville-based Our Thing Productions has snatched the rights up for the author’s debut book. This is definitely good news because it means that a big studio hopefully won’t interfere in what is a great book in horror literature. For more details, read on ahead
The Horror Channel is reporting:

It always makes me smile to hear about someone who can write really well getting their books optioned for films. Whether or not said film is ever made is another matter (see Jack Ketchum for a great example). What’s cool to me is that someone out there sees the cinematic potential of an author’s work that deserves more recognition.

So I was all smiles today when I learned that Nashville-based Our Thing Productions scooped up the rights to the debut novel from Sarah Pinborough, The Hidden. Greg McGlurg serves as producer, and twins John and Paul Buckholts are set to adapt the book for screen. Our Thing Productions’ only previous credits have been a few short films from what I could find, so Hidden would be their first feature.

The Hidden is the tale of a woman who wakes up one day and remembers nothing about herself. She slowly begins to rebuild her life, doing things she soon realizes the previous her would never do, but the truth behind her amnesia is much darker than a simple bump in the head. It’s a great read and highly recommended, as is her second novel, The Reckoning, which may also be getting the film treatment soon.

Source: The Horror Channel