BD VS BD at This Year’s AFM in California

Today Spooky Dan dropped off another report from this year’s AFM, which took place a week ago in sunny California. Inside you can read all about the indie horror company Brain Damage Films, who owns over 400 films in their library. So if you’re a hard core indie horror nut, read on and enjoy…

Bloody-Disgusting takes on Brain Damage
By SpookyDan

This year has been great for horror here at the American Film Market (AFM), buyers and sellers are working their magic to make deals happen. Filmmakers were on hand, running around and talking about their projects, and pitching to the distribution companies. While all this madness was going full steam ahead, Bloody-Disgusting sat down for a quick chat with Darrin Ramage of Brain Damage Films to talk about all things horror, and the AFM. Man, that insane bastard can talk your ears off!!! (in a good way!)

With over five years at the AFM Brain Damage (aka: Maxim Ent.) has lead the pack for the ultra low budget horror movies. (Troma be warned!) Whether you like these super cheap gems or not, they are out there and being able to sell them at an international level keeps them getting made. While still peddling older titles like “Goth” (terrible) and “Death Factory” (lots of fun!) to the market, “The Witches Sabbath” by Jeff Leroy was the big hit for Darrin and his hard working, all girl crew. Lest we forget about the massive catalog of films they handle, Brain Damage as a distribution company is growing by leaps and bounds. While things aren’t quite at a press release position yet, they are poised with their 400+ catalog to be broadening their horizons to the world of Video on Demand, Television, Video Games, Cellular content, just about every distribution method you can imagine they already have begun making it happen.

Darrin and company oversee the many various aspects of approximately 24 NEW films per year! That’s a big workload to handle when you are the distributor! Up next for the gang is Guy Crawford’s “Dark Places” a new kind of horror film, in a new sub-genre dubbed “I.G.” Intelligent Gore. A smarter much more mature thinking kind of movie, which still packs the visceral punch that we gore-hounds crave. It’s a new time for horror fans with all the (fake) Horror TV networks popping up, internet connecting us, helping push the boundaries of promotions to a whole new viral level that never quite existed before. Every 12-25 year old now has a world of movies at their fingertips. It’s about time that slasher movies are fun again, and not just spoofs. Let’s hope that Darrin can help us move into the future of Horror, by continuing on this sure fire path of eternal damnation!

Source: Spooky Dan, Brain Damage Films