Thai Horror Film is Bloody Disgusting!

Let me tell ya, there’s nothing like finally being excited for a new Asian horror film. Today KFC Cinema posted some gory goods from an upcoming film entitled Art of the Devil 2. When the reunion of six souls commences, a haunting past binds the circle of friends in an evil world filled with black magic and doom. A terrible horror, previously initiated, now beckons the six lives, rendering them without a chance of redemption. In the midst of horror lies the Art of the Devil II. Read on for pics, and a trailer…

For some reason when you link the KFC article it doesnt come up, so we’re going to post the links here. But this news does comes courtesy of KFC Cinam!

Please be cautioned that the trailer you are about to witness is not for the squeamish! Have a barf bag or a substitute handy before you view Art of the Devil II. Art of the Devil II opens in Thailand on December 1st.

You have been warned!

Click here for the trailer to Art of the Devil II.

Source: KFC CInema